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Why remote car key is not sensitive? And how to solve these problems.

1. There are sources of interference around the car that interfere with the signal sent by the car key and the signal received by the antenna.
enlightenedSolution: Remove all non-original equipments inside the car, and then test drive.

2. There is a malfunction inside the remote key.
enlightenedSolution: It‘s necessary to go to a locksimth shop to test the smart remote key.
3. The key is out of power, and the key cannot emit a signal, which will also cause the failure.
enlightenedSolution: You can replace the car key battery and then test drive.
4. If the vehicle antenna or body control module goes wrong, the antenna cannot receive signals or the body control module cannot recognize the signal, which will affect the function of the car key.
enlightenedSolution: You need to go to the auto repair shop to have the car checked and repaired.

What should we do if the key out of power in a one-button start car?

1.There will be a smart key slot in the one-button start car. After the key is out of power, the smart key can be inserted into the slot. After the car senses the key, the car can be started. The smart key slot is usually in the hand box.
2.We can also use a mechanical key to start the car, find the key hole of the mechanical key, and insert the key blade in the one-button start key into the key hole to start the car, which is the same as the traditional way to start a car.
3.We can also paste the one-button start key on the one-button start button, or stick it on other sensing areas, and the car will sense the key, after a while, and the car can be started.
4.The power of the key for one-button start car can be used for about 1-2 years. The specific use time depends on the number of times of use. If the car key sensor is found to be insensitive, or there is no sensor, it may be that the smart car key is out of power, and the battery needs to be replaced in time .

How to Replace the Battery in a Car Key?

The smart remote car key is the same as the remote control of the TV, there is a battery inside. So if the smart car key is out of power, how can we replace it with a new battery? Actually it's very simple, our car owners should know that the battery inside the car key uses the CR2032 or CR2025 lithium button cell battery. The difference between these two batteries is that the thickness is different, the diameter is the same, both are 20mm, and the thickness is 3.2mm and 2.5mm respectively. So called CR2032 and CR2025.

Most of the car remote control keys can be opened automatically. Due to the different shapes, the opening methods are slightly different. And because of the different battery models, it is best to open it before buying a new battery, there has a clear model number on the battery.

Now, let's introduce the specific steps to replace the car key battery:

Step1. There is usually a mechanical key in the remote car key. First, take out the mechanical key and find the position to pull or pry it open. If you really have no way to start, it is best to look for the manual, remove the shell, and then you will see the lithium button cell battery;
Step2. After opening the case, you usually need a slotted screwdriver or a tool with a thin head to pry it, and the battery will pop out;
Step3. Install the new battery. Note that the direction of the positive and negative poles must be installed correctly, otherwise it cannot be used normally;
Step4. Restore the parts that were removed from the car key.

Take Lexus key as an example:

Through the above steps, you can replace the battery of the car key by yourself. Is it very simple and easy to use? We hope this article can help all car owners, especially novice car owners.

What Performance After the Car Key is Out of Power?

The development of science and technology has brought many conveniences, but in addition to these conveniences, there are many places that are not noticed by people. For example, the smart remote car key is very convenient to use at daily life, and when it suddenly runs out of power one day, do you know what to do? How long does a remote car key last? This article describes the workaround for the keyless entry function (applicable to most models).

1.Will the remote car key out of power after using it for a long time? What should we do if there is no power? How long can a remote control key battery last?

The car remote control key is small, and you don’t pay too much attention to it when you wear it on your pocket. You don’t think it will consume too much power when you turn it on and off, so you don’t always worry about when it will run out of power.
Generally, the battery life of the smart car key is 2-3 years, and it's depending on the car model. This time span is very large, so people will not count the days and count how long it will last. When it suddenly out of power one day and the car door cannot be opened, we can only use the built-in mechanical key.
But now there are some remote keys that do not have mechanical keys. At this time, we can only pay attention to replacing the battery in time before the battery is completely out of power.

2.Types of car key fobs with mechanical key

Remote car keys with mechanical key generally have three types: external type, folding type and built-in type, and different car models have different styles. There is also a type that is not equipped with a mechanical key, which is more common in models with a keyless entry/start function.
In addition to the above three types of mechanical keys, there are some car models with keyless entry/start function. This car model does not have a mechanical key, nor can it be started by conventional ways. Relatively speaking, it is more troublesome. How to deal with this kind of key after no power, we will talk about it below.

3.Common faults of the remote car key
The damage of the remote control key is mostly caused by external force. It is easy to damage car keys if it is not stored carefully, often placed with mobile phones and other items, or often beaten.

4.Symptoms before the remote control key out of power
In fact, the remote control key out of power is not so sudden. When it's almost out of power, there will be some performances for you to notice.
For example, the remote control distance becomes shorter. It used to be 5 or 6 meters to open the car door, but now it has to be very close to the car door to respond; when opening the door, it occasionally fails, and it can be successfully unlocked by pressing the key several times. These are all symptoms of a remote key that is dying. Also, keeping an eye on the light on the key. When you press the button and the light is dimmer than usual, or goes on and off, you'd better be ready to change the battery too.
In addition, some Japanese models (such as Nissan Tiida) will have a prompt on the dashboard when the battery of the key is low. At this time, although the functions of the remote control key are all normal, the battery life is almost exhausted. That's when you need to be on your guard, the safest way is to replace the battery as soon as possible.

5.Situations that may be mistaken for key out of power

When you find that the car key fails, it is not necessarily the reason why the key is out of power. It may also be that there is a source of interference nearby. Because the key uses electromagnetic waves to send out indication signals, if there is strong magnetic field interference around the parking position, it will also affect the use of the remote car key.
Another common cause is a out of power vehicle battery. The way to judge is to first hit the car and turn on the headlights. If the light gradually dims, or even does not light at all; press the horn, the sound gradually decreases. That means the battery is dead, which is much more troublesome than the car key being out of power.

There are generally two types of batteries: dry cells and button cells. Dry batteries are generally replaced by opening the battery compartment cover; button cell batteries must be replaced by prying the joint gap of the remote control key, and prying open the shell of the remote control key.

Initialization: After replacing the key, initialization is required to restore the remote control function: Insert the key into the ignition hole, press and hold the key to lock the car, and then rotate to the car initialization position (that is, the gear before ignition, which gear is powered on but not ignited) about 8 seconds, keep pressing the lock button to return to the original position, and release the remote car key a few seconds later.
Because the general remote key will be equipped with a mechanical key, or hidden in it, or hung on one side. When the car key out of battery, the mechanical key becomes a lifesaver. Generally, the door locks are on the handle. Some models hide the lock hole for the sake of beauty, but they are all near the handle. Of course, there will be different standards for each car model. Some mechanical keys may be "hidden" a little more concealed. The owner or driver must read the manual carefully in advance and put it in the car at ordinary times, and it's easier to consult the manual.
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